Blockchaingers hackathon 2018

The Blockchaingers1 hackathon is a 3 day hackathon (incl. workshops), hosted in Groningen, and I took part in the 2018 edition!

You can read about the workshop I attended here: Parity talk at Blockchaingers.

I particpated with a group of 5, people I learned to know at EthCC, and some new friends. The hackathon themes where all focused on adoption and usage of blockchain, and since we were not affiliated with any company yet, we decided to put our effort towards the greater good; the health track. Whereas other teams pretty much rolled out their existing projects in a hackathon form, we had to start from scratch, but in the end it doesn’t matter, as we were there to learn about the space and make new friends.

The hackathon project

The “hack” we prototyped is a platform for self-sovereign health-data, powered by a uPort identity system, with attestation as a core-functionality to enable smartcontracts to decide on whom has which permissions. By doing it on the blockchain we guarantee availability, timestamped permission records, and more importantly, provide an indifferent ruler (smartcontract) that manages things like bonds in the system. Data ownerhip is a very hard problem to tackle, but we aimed for an anonymous off-chain storage (privacy is important!), in combination with a permission system that could include things like bonds, to ensure that parties are penalized when they ignore their granted permissions.

Quite a lot of buzz, but check them out: DutchChain, the organizers of Blockchaingers.

  1. The biggest blockchain hackathon in the Netherlands, 2nd edition.