Visiting Neutrino and Hashhub in Tokyo

After living in Hong Kong for half a year, I had some time to spare during the holidays to travel around in Asia.

I decided to travel through Taiwan and Japan. I was continuously on the move every few days, for about three weeks. First Hong Kong -> Taipei, then Tokyo for New Year’s Eve (Shibuya crossing can’t be busier, but it was lots of fun), then Kyoto for the Japanese new-year festivities, Nara, Osaka, and then back to Tokyo.

After the first week of January, people go back to Tokyo, having spent their holidays in their home-towns. And so did the people working in the blockchain space in Japan, opening up the co-work spaces again: I went to visit Neutrino and HashHub.

Neutrino is a co-working space with different locations; Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing, and Tokyo. With the Tokyo location being walking disance from the famous Shibuya crossing, very nice. I went to talk with Uno, from Omise, about the crypto space in Japan, how it’s evolving, and what the co-work space culture is like here. It was interesting to compare to the Netherlands, where we have lots of co-works spaces, but smaller blockchain-companies.

HashHub showed me their new Lightning-wallet, Denryu and a proof-of-concept game using the lightning network. Personally I’m not a huge fan of the lightning-network myself (Go plasma, or even better, Eth 2.0), but it was definitely cool to try it out :).