Singapore meetup with "ETH-Magicians" community.

“The Fellowship of Ethereum Magicians” is a meta-community around ethereum: they’re trying to facilitate and encourage open discussion of all the different changes, EIPs, and community initiatives.

The primary way of communication is the forum, found here: https://ethereum-magicians.org/.

But given that it’s a “decentralized” community, everyone is free to start their own meetup/gathering, and try to get new discussions going. This meetup was hosted at a cowork-space in the Samsung building, central Singapore. Aiden, from ChainSafe, held a presentation about the Eth-magicians community effort, and afterwards we continued with a conversation about educational-resources for Ethereum. If you’re looking for such resources, check out Kauri.io and EthHub, these are some great projects looking to provide open education about the different parts of Ethereum.

Also check out the education ring, a sub-forum on Eth-magicians focused on just that, ethereum-education: education ring working-group