ETHSingapore Hackathon

ETHSingapore is one of the hackathons in the ETHGlobal program. And with lots of great speakers; core-devs from the Ethereum foundation, OmiseGO, Consensys, MakerDAO, Kyber, and more.

The hackathon hosted about 200 people, with about 90% being developers/researchers.

The ETHGlobal hackathon series is one of the few events in the space that not just spark ideas, but actually implement them. And I’m glad I can be part of that! For this hackathon I started hacking together a brand new ETH 2.0 Client; ambitious for a 2-day project, but with so many good inputs around you it’s worth a try. And besides, I started a more general blockchain framework a few weeks ago, which I can use as a base-layer, similar to how you would use an SDK. Let’s see if I can implement Eth 2.0 on it before implementing the 1.0 architecture.

During the hackathon I also went to some of the talks. The ones that stood out the most are Celer and Status.

Celer presented a few use-cases for their second-layer solutions, with surprisingly fast game interactions. Having to build on second layer is not ideal, but it looked very streamlined, good enough to make a decentralized game with.

Status went deeper into the technicals of their “extensions” feature of the Status app, which enables you to build custom experiences for the chat and settings menu. Decentralized whatsapp-giphy? No problem. 100 lines of code. It’s getting more and more interesting to explore DApp use-cases for status now!

GitHub links:

Protolith, general blockchain framework: GH/protolambda/protolith

Singapore (work-in-progress-name… haha), experimental ETH 2.0 client: GH/protolambda/singapore