Parity workshop at Blockchaingers hackathon

As a preparation for the Blockchaingers1 hackathon in Groningen, there were multiple workshops to attend, and I went to the Parity2 talk at the Centre of Media in Groningen.

The workshop was about the parity-oo73, which is build around “Bonds” (hence the name…). These bonds really are just a special kind of subscriptions, which stream data from a web3 source, and update the subscriber. It’s nice to work with, but since it only works with chrome for now it’s more of a prototyping thing.

They also introduced some of their Rust packages, and polkadot is starting to get some shape.

Quite a lot of buzz, but check them out: DutchChain, the organizers of Blockchaingers.

  1. The biggest blockchain hackathon in the Netherlands, 2nd edition. 

  2. Parity 

  3. oo7-parity Github Repo