CS update; end Q1

@protolambda Nov 6, 2016

Q1 is over, time for an update!

CS update

End-terms were this week, and they went pretty good: no surprises, reasonable difficulty, and ok-ish time-constraints. No results are publicised yet, except for the multiple-choice parts; I made a few mistakes, but nothing significant. So I got my first 15 ECTS points!

And now the better part of pushing my free time to its limits for the final exams: I got a whole week free. No assignments, no exams, and no 3 hour commute each day!



My first objective is to update Blocktopograph; MCPE 0.16 introduced some new things that need to be addressed, marker-support is far from polished, and translation support is still w.i.p.

And I will start prototyping a website (+app?) with resources for MCPE once Blocktopograph is updated. It brings some challenges such as using Google BigQuery, a network of server nodes, and a bot to manage the content; fun!


The Dart bot I am writing is functional but not quite complete, the twitch chat functionality is there, but the bot is going to power more than just twitch streams; it’s perfect as a lightweight framework for automatic content-management of the site I mentioned. It’s not yet open-sourced, but I will share the core parts soon™.


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