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@protolambda Dec 17, 2016


I Moved to Delft! Commuting for one and a half hour twice a day is over! Going to university is a 12 min. cycling “commute” now. I found a student place in the center of Delft, ideal for quick shopping/gym, and very close to the “techno-polis”, the campus part of Delft. This means I’ve more time for both university and hobby projects, although the holidays are almost here anyway.

CS update

Mid terms went pretty good this week, and holidays are nearing fast, one more week to go! My mid term Web & Database technology was harder than expected for some, but I got a 910 for it. Calculus was more difficult, but ok-ish nonetheless.


I’ve update Blocktopograph — the Google Maps like app for Minecraft pocket edition— to work for MCPE v1.0. For the beta builds of MCPE 1.0 at least, the official build will be released on Google Play soonish (a few days possibly?). Translation support is still w.i.p., but I plan to work on other projects in my holidays since I’ve seem enough android code for now. Support for MCPE 1.0 &mdash before the official release! — was a priority, but translation can wait. I’m planning to continue with my Dart projects in the upcoming holidays, like the plugin system and the bot built on top of that.


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