CS update; end Q2

@protolambda Feb 17, 2017

Q2 is over, and I just started Q3, blog update time!

CS update

End terms (two weeks ago) of Q2 went fine, but I’m still waiting for some of the results; the calculus and OOP project grades are not available (or even graded? who knows?) yet. The Web & database technology grade is in however, I finished it with a 910! And the other grades don’t matter too much anyway, I’m fairly certain that I got another set of 15 ECT points. Which means I’m half way through my first year! Hooray! I got one week free, and continued work on the bot I was working on last holidays. That week of free time is over now, and Q3 started! But it looks to be a slow start, so I will try my best to finally finish the bot, instead of postponing it again. However, a slow start can still turn in a rapid tempo, so we’ll see.


I see you are interested in the bot that I mention so much, great! Let me introduce its first task: “Twitch plays Heathstone”. Yes, I started playing the game around Christmas, and thought how I could pick up twitch streaming again, so I put things together: Twitch + bot + Hearthstone = Twitch plays Hearthstone. The previous programming streams didn’t cut it, since the programmer audience is too small and stream delays make programming with a programming-focused chat very difficult. Other programmers solved this by giving the chat less code and more graphics to look at, but I’m not a game-programmer (or designer) by nature; gamedev is very different from programming in some aspects. So instead of writing a game, I wrote a bot to play a game! And it’s almost done, so you might see a test stream this week!


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