Q2 is over, and I just started Q3, blog update time! CS update End terms (two weeks ago) of Q2 went fine, but I’m still waiting for some of the results; the calculus and OOP project grades are not available (or even graded? who knows?) yet. The Web & database technology grade is in however, I finished it with a 9⁄10! And the other grades don’t matter too much anyway, I’m fairly certain that I got another set of 15 ECT points.
Delft! I Moved to Delft! Commuting for one and a half hour twice a day is over! Going to university is a 12 min. cycling “commute” now. I found a student place in the center of Delft, ideal for quick shopping/gym, and very close to the “techno-polis”, the campus part of Delft. This means I’ve more time for both university and hobby projects, although the holidays are almost here anyway. CS update Mid terms went pretty good this week, and holidays are nearing fast, one more week to go!
Q1 is over, time for an update! CS update End-terms were this week, and they went pretty good: no surprises, reasonable difficulty, and ok-ish time-constraints. No results are publicised yet, except for the multiple-choice parts; I made a few mistakes, but nothing significant. So I got my first 15 ECTS points! And now the better part of pushing my free time to its limits for the final exams: I got a whole week free.
Time flies by so fast; I’m 6 weeks into CS now. Time for an update! CS update I took two mid-terms previous week, and I did reasonably well (I think); welcome back free time! However, the courses keep putting up more and more homework, so I’ll have to keep up pace. “No free lunch in Computer Science” — to quote my Comp. Org. lecturer. Computer Organization And it is not just homework, I want hand in some bonuses too!